Blurr-id: How ?

That’s why we now have Blurr-id. It’s a method that allows you to declare your intentions clearly to all available camera’s. It can be executed via a simple method, using a button, that serves as an automated request to deny the camera access to your biometric features. But all other sorts of implementations are possible as well.

The idea is that the technology that is so well able to determine your biometric features, can easily recognize the Blurr-ID logo on the button or t-shirt that you are wearing. So whichever foto is taken, recorded or used in whichever context already contains the fact that it is an illegitimate data harvesting and recording of biometric data.

The logo is taylormade for this purpose and provided as free-domain data to individual users (not to organisations), so that anyone can use, distribute, share, re-work the logo, with the only condition that it is used for the sole purpose of outlining non-consent with biometric data gathering/analysis.

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