Blurr-id: Why ?

Cameras, smartphones, smart advertising. While your smartphone has already become an intrusive monitoring device,  you may choose to leave home without it. There is however no escaping the rest of the camera’s in the world.

Whether you like it or not. You, your movements, your face will be registered, monitored, filmed and recorded. Meaning that your face will end up on a zillion servers, of Facebook,  Google, Amazon, your shopping mall, the Automated Teller Machine and what have you.

Photo: Ennio Dybeli

Is this allowed?

Humans have a right to their own portrait, don’t they? We have the right to be forgotten under the GDPR, don’t we? We can request not to be filmed or monitored, can’t we? Doesn’t the Universal Declaration on Human Rights protect us in this respect?

Yes, in theory we have these rights. You would have to know which organisations have filmed you, request data, ask to be forgotten and will have a hard time checking whether the organisations truly comply. With the amount of camera’s around, this is clearly undoable.

Read here how we can solve this.