Blurr-id: Do it yourself !!

Feel free to download and use the logo’s (png and jpg) below. By using it you declare to any person/organisation who sees the logo, that you do not approve of their usage, recording, tagging or registering of your face/biometric features.

In a formal legal sense, the logo can be understood to be the denial of consent under article 7 of the GDPR, respectively a broad objection to data collection and processing under all elements of article 21 of the GDPR.

You are, as an individual, allowed to use the logo freely with the only constraint and condition that it is used for the sole purpose of outlining non-consent with biometric data gathering/analysis or as part of creative, artistic expressions (part of artworks in the broad sense).

Organisations that use the logo agree to consider it a legitimate expression of no-consent or objection to data processing under the GDPR and agree to ensure compliance with the statement of the data subject under the GDPR. They may also use it to inform guests of their organisation that there is a no-photo policy in place covering all people present.

When used, please Tweet it’s use via #blurr-id.

PNG-version of BLURR-ID LOGO
JPG-version of BLURR-ID LOGO

Read more about the philosphy behind BLURR-ID.